German envoy calls for enhanced security cooperation with S. Korea

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German Ambassador to Korea Georg Schmidt called for enhanced security cooperation, highlighting the interconnectedness of security challenges in Asia and Europe, in an interview with The Korea Herald on Wednesday.

Though Germany and South Korea are located far from one another, both face common challenges of Russia forging military transactions with North Korea, and this is something the two countries should work together to resolve global tensions, the ambassador emphasized.

“Many people speculate that it was Russian technology and Russian assistance that helped the North Koreans launch their satellite, which is something we condemn together with the other G7 members.

"We can see now, with the latest transactions between Russia and North Korea, how they are linked. ... We strongly condemn it from the EU and Brussels,” he said.

The ambassador urged closer cooperation between the two countries beyond traditional hardware aspects to include software, cybersecurity and the threats posed by artificial intelligence.

“It is quite obvious that Germany and Korea (should) cooperate more in stronger security terms."

Schmidt also addressed Germany's active role in UN sanctions against North Korea, noting the deployment of a German Navy ship to participate in the enforcement of these sanctions.